Life Insurance Products

Every case is different and there is never a one fit for all.  Use these products as foundations, we are here to help you each step of the way!

Index Universal Life

Unique product taking over the Insurance market place by storm.  Strong downside protection with unmatchable upside prudential.  When designed right, this can be the right fit you been looking for 

Easy Underwriting

Whole Life Insurance

Withstand the trial of time, whole life is the proven product in the turbulent market place.  With limited number of carriers still providing this solution, whole life is a must see when creating a legacy .

Dividend History

Term Life Insurance

The purest protection you can buy and making every premium dollar count.  However the truth can be very different when insurance companies adds in additional riders and requirements.

Term Consumer Guide

Guaranteed Universal Life 

Steadfast on the track to build a lasting legacy without all the unwanted expenses? Look here for strong coverage and strong guarantees  

SGUL Consumer Guide

Premium Financing

Leverage other funding sources for your retirement planning needs.  We have the professional services to assist you.  It is never too late to start utilizing the power of OPM

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Sprint Cash Value Policy 

IRS never likes anything that keeps it from its tax dollars .  However there are many solutions to delay the taxation process.   Sprint cash vaule policy keeps all the gain untaxed until distribution is made.

Balance Sheet Rider


Leverage what you earned to build a financially free life style.  we protect the downside and celebrate the upside so you can sleep easy

Index Linked Fixed Annuity

Powered by insurance companies' vast wealth reserve, it protects your savings by providing guaranteed minimum interest, while locks in the market growth.  

NL index annuity

Fixed Deferred Annuity

Supersize your Certified Deposite with competitive interest rate and tax advantages. 

NL annuity Guide

Single Premium Immediate Annuity

Paycheck for life, is not a myth.  Buy yourself an income for life and never look back.  

AIG power index 7

412e3 Plan

Secured Qualified plan, specially designed for stable business with key employees and partners.

412e3 basic info

Health Insurance Products

Health protection does not mean it has to pay doctor bills.  It can also safe guard your life style by paying you directly!!  We are here to make sure your health is always your asset and never a liability

Disability Insurance

Never have to worry about losing incomes resulting from illness or injury again! This policy keeps your income going while you are out of work because of untimely disability

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Long Term Care Insurance

Distribution of wealth has always been a tough issue for last mile in life.  This policy provides much needed leverage when cost for extensive care takes toll 

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Major medical coverage

From your annual check up to major operations, traditional medical insurance should always be with you, just like the foot print in the sand 

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