Life Insurance Products

Every case is different and there is never a one fit for all.  Use these products as foundations, we are here to help you each step of the way!

Index Universal Life

Unique product taking over the Insurance market place by storm.  Strong downside protection with unmatchable upside prudential.  When designed right, this can be the right fit you been looking for 

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Whole Life Insurance

Withstand the trial of time, whole life is the proven product in the turbulent market place.  With limited number of carriers still providing this solution, whole life is a must see when creating a legacy .

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Term Life Insurance

The purest protection you can buy and making every premium dollar count.  However the truth can be very different when insurance companies adds in additional riders and requirements.

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Guaranteed Universal Life 

Steadfast on the track to build a lasting legacy without all the unwanted expenses? Look here for strong coverage and strong guarantees  

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Premium Financing

Leverage other funding sources for your retirement planning needs.  We have the professional services to assist you.  It is never too late to start utilizing the power of OPM

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Sprint Cash Value Policy 

IRS never likes anything that keeps it from its tax dollars .  However there are many solutions to delay the taxation process.   Sprint cash vaule policy keeps all the gain untaxed until distribution is made.

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Leverage what you earned to build a financially free life style.  we protect the downside and celebrate the upside so you can sleep easy

Index Linked Fixed Annuity

Powered by insurance companies' vast wealth reserve, it protects your savings by providing guaranteed minimum interest, while locks in the market growth.  

Index Annuity

Fixed Deferred Annuity

Supersize your Certified Deposite with competitive interest rate and tax advantages. 

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Single Premium Immediate Annuity

Paycheck for life, is not a myth.  Buy yourself an income for life and never look back.  

AIG power index 7

412e3 Plan

Secured Qualified plan, specially designed for stable business with key employees and partners.

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Health Insurance Products

Health protection does not mean it has to pay doctor bills.  It can also safe guard your life style by paying you directly!!  We are here to make sure your health is always your asset and never a liability

Disability Insurance

Never have to worry about losing incomes resulting from illness or injury again! This policy keeps your income going while you are out of work because of untimely disability

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Long Term Care Insurance

Distribution of wealth has always been a tough issue for last mile in life.  This policy provides much needed leverage when cost for extensive care takes toll 

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Major medical coverage

From your annual check up to major operations, traditional medical insurance should always be with you, just like the foot print in the sand 

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Medicare Insurance

Medical coverage for seniors with deep discount and special programs

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Travel Medical Insurance

Your health coverage travel with you

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                           Real Estate 

Exclusive real estate offers!  Check them out before they are gone!

Referrals and partnerships are welcome!

567 Ocean Ave Brooklyn luxury apartment

Apartment with all the human comfort you need!

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Industrial building unlimited possibility

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Flushing one family by Golden city supermarket

Build your American Dream!

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QueensThree family home

JUST LISTED, Elmhurst Brick SD legal 3 family house for sale. 5 mins walk to #M,R Subway.

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Commercial Land developement

Off market! Prime developement!  1 mil to city center! 
25-56 ulmar street, Flushing, 11354

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         Property and Casualty Insurance

At Imperial Financial Group we understands that running a business takes a lot of work and tough decisions, that is why we want to make your insurance process a smooth one. We will do the work and research that is necessary in deciding which coverage works best for you.

Business Insurance

IFG assures that your business will always have a bright future by providing you with the security you need as a business owner. Our insurance policies help pay for the your building repairs and any content that you may have lost when an unfortunate situation occurs.

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Auto Insurance

In the event of an accident, your auto insurance policy will provide financial coverage for vehicle damage, property damage and medical expenses. We understand that choosing a policy can be difficult and confusing. Wilkens Insurance Agency will focus on finding the plan that best fits your needs. Whether you are interested in the state minimum or full vehicle coverage, we will help make that coverage as affordable as possible.

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Home Insurance

We know that your home is one of the most important financial investments, which is why we work hard to find you the proper coverage. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, but having the right insurance can protect your home and belongings, giving you and your family some peace of mind.

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Estate Planning

IFG help you manage your Estate Plan with instant access

Revolutionary Technology: Our unique technology enables you to easily complete your attorney drafted documents conveniently from the comfort of your home or office. 

Revocable Living Trust

The Revocable Living Trust is the centerpiece of your Estate Planning Portfolio. The trust is completely under your control. As the name implies, your trust is fully revocable while you are alive. You may alter, amend (in whole or in part), or even revoke your trust at any time. You can transfer your assets back out of your trust just as easily as you can transfer your assets into your Trust.

The person who manages the Trust is called the Trustee (in most cases you are the Trustee initially). After your passing, the successor Trustee you appointed can manage and distribute assets to the beneficiaries of the Trust.

If you have children (even grown kids) you have the option of creating a sub-trust to hold their assets until they reach a certain age or split distributions over time at three different ages. This prevents a potentially immature young adult from receiving a windfall that might cause more damage than good. You can even allow early withdrawal for educational expenses, first home, wedding or even a business.

You can even stipulate certain beneficiaries as "income only", and prevent them from getting a "lump sum" distribution and allow them only to draw and income for education, maintenance and support.

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Living Will & Advanced Medical Directives

Living Will and Advanced Health Care Directives allow you to determine how you want medical care administered if you have a terminal illness or are in a comatose state.

If such a condition should happen to you, these instruments will serve to give notice to medical professionals your wishes (such as if you desire whether or not to be kept alive by artificial means).

Your Living Will agents are also considered to be the guardian of your person. In most cases, your Advanced Health Care Directive can take the place of a Living Will.

Many healthcare providers require a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare in conjunction with a Living Will to carry out the decrees of a Living Will. It is important that your agents for your Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare are the same as your Living Will. (Both documents are included in your comprehensive estate plan.) Durable HIPAA Statement The

Durable HIPAA Statement grants an exception to the privacy restrictions of the HIPAA law to allow for personal information to be provided to the Agents you have appointed so they can make an informed decision regarding your medical care.

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Last Will & Testament “Pour Over Will”

The Last Will and Testament included in your document set is better described as a "Pour-Over Will". It is used in conjunction with a Revocable Living Trust and its primary function is to convey everything you have forgotten to fund into the trust prior to your death (hence "pour-over").

Please note that unless your remaining assets are minimal in value, all non-trust (un-funded) assets must go through probate first.

So be sure to use the Comprehensive Funding Kit (below) to keep your asset funding up-to-date. In addition you may appoint guardians for your minor or disabled adult dependents so you can be assured who will take custody.

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Durable Powers of Attorney

Durable" means that the appointment of the power will "endure" even after your incapacitation. A Power of Attorney will give your appointed agent the power to make certain decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so.

Durable Financial Power of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
Durable Agent Notice

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Comprehensive Asset Funding Kit

Your Trust is like an empty basket. You must fill this basket with your assets by transferring them into the Trust. This process is called "Funding". To avoid probate, its vital to fully fund your trust once completed, so we have developed our exclusive Funding Kit to help you through the process of moving your assets into the Trust, (called "Funding"). The Funding Kit provides detailed instructions on nearly every possible type of asset and how you can fund it into your Trust.

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